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Why I Love Children

Date: June 16, 2018 Author: Angela Nettuno Categories: Featured Articles, Parenting, Reflection 0

  They are naturally social creatures and love snuggles, story time and peek-a-boo… They love pushing buttons, stacking blocks, beating drums, pushing cars, kicking balls, running, jumping, climbing, and exploring every nook and cranny… They are determined little creatures..  when they are trying to learn something new they will practice it over and over until…

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Don’t Look at Your Teens When You Talk to Them

Date: April 15, 2015 Author: Angela Nettuno Categories: Featured Articles, Parenting, Reflection 0

  Don’t look at them.  It’s as simple as that… Let’s face it, parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have!  Period!  And there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to parent.  In addition, the influences our kids face on a daily basis far outweigh the wildest imaginations of our parents.  Society, the media, peers, the internet!  Wow!  That’s…

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The Importance of Pretend Play and Unstructured Play Opportunities

Date: November 16, 2013 Author: Angela Nettuno Categories: Child Development Education, Featured Articles, Parenting, Preparing for Kindergarten 0

In today’s technological world with “screen time” on the rise, we cannot stress enough the importance for children to get “back to the basics” as much as possible, and just “play.”  Children learn important life skills by interacting with their peers in unstructured play settings without the direction of a parent or teacher.  Socializing at…

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