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You’re a Mom, Now What? (your new baby and the importance of developing routines…)

Date: July 10, 2015 Author: Angela Nettuno Categories: Child Development Education, Featured Articles, Parenting, Tips for Moms 0

You’re finally home with your new baby and are overjoyed, yet overwhelmed and exhausted at the same time.  So what’s next?  What do you do with this little helpless bundle of lung power? Take this time to rest and get into a rhythm with your little miracle.  Don’t pressure yourself to do too much this first month.  Outside…

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Oh Baby… Top 25 Must Have Toys!

Date: February 24, 2015 Author: Angela Nettuno Categories: Angie's Picks 0

Welcome to the world little one!  Now that you’re here, and officially de-blobbing (if that’s even a word!), it’s time to start the important work of learning about your world! Mom’s and Dad’s, as parents, you are your baby’s first teacher!  Since your baby is still completely dependent upon you, it’s up to you to stimulate, captivate, and…

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How to Stimulate Your Child Without a Donald Trump Budget!

Date: January 21, 2015 Author: Angela Nettuno Categories: Parenting, Tips for Moms 0

Stimulation, stimulation, stimulation is the name of the game! Although most moms realize that socializing their baby/child is very important they often don’t know where to start, where they fit in, or what groups to join. Here is a list of some great ways to get involved and get baby out of the house! MOPS…

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Language Development

Date: June 24, 2014 Author: Angela Nettuno Categories: Child Development Education, Parenting, Preparing for Kindergarten 0

As discussed in the Brain Development article, a baby is born ready to take in his world. Babies are naturally social creatures, willing and able to learn from everything they experience. As a baby or young child is exposed to the world, language is learned. Recent research has shown a direct link between language skills…

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Stimulate and Captivate Your Newborn – Top 10 Must Have Toys

Date: April 16, 2014 Author: Angela Nettuno Categories: Angie's Picks 2

Recent research states that infants’ brains at birth are equipped with most of the brain cells they will ever have; however, connections or pathways between these cells must develop to help them think and learn.  As a result, it’s very important to take baby out into the world regularly to experience new people and places. …

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